A bonafide improvement in sound for conventional box
speaker owners
 . . Touchstone Tweeter Surrounds
Sound waveforms from your tweeters are shorter in length than the width of
your speaker cabinets.  A 2000Hz waveform is 18cm or 7" in length
, for
*.  We hear information up to approximately 14kHz on average. These
waveforms are being randomly reflected (i.e.diffracted) by your speaker
baffles and edges to your listening position out of time and phase with the
original event.  Not a good thing.  These waveforms carry the first arrival and
higher harmonics of your midrange along with all things high frequency.  Our
product removes this as though you had taken the boxes away.     

We size to speaker and machine press/cut highest quality natural wool felt
(accept no substitute) tweeter surrounds that absorb and quiet this
interaction.  What you get when this is removed is a clearer view into your
stage and recordings.  Space opens up, deepens.  Images appear more
real and present and separated out dimensionally.  Frequency
response is made smoother into the midband.  Whatever the microphone(s)
captured, whatever the setting, will be rendered more vibrant and true to the
live feed.  Any box speaker with surface mounted tweeters will benefit from
our small thing.  And so will your involvement with the music you listen to.    
Highest quality compressed wool 3/8" thickness
We visit your manufacturer's website to size
30 day money back guarantee
Attach with removable Velcro tabs (included)
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Conroe, TX, USA, 77385
email:  jimdgoulding@yahoo.com
tel:  281-468-3133

Costs to be added for shipping per pair:  $3.00 for Priority Parcel Mail in the US;  
$3.50US for destinations in Canada and Mexico;  $7.00US for destinations overseas.  
Add 8.25% sales tax if you reside in Texas.
*research source: diffraction in sound/gsu

 music by Rolf Lislevand, Sanz & Santa Cruz, Astree
Waveform behavior is the dominant thing under consideration in modern speaker
design.  This is the smallest investment you will ever make to genuinely improve
your stage and transparency to the source.  Give us the mfg name and model of your
speakers in your order form on the next page for sizing.    

$55.95 per pair*.  A single surround may be included with a couple of pairs for
surround sound enthusiasts also custom fitted for half the cost of a pair.  You will
receive your order in about ten days.  Call or email us if you have any questions.

We accept personal checks, money orders, western union transfers, and PayPal.