Industry and customer comments . .

"With the tweeter surrounds in place, there is less smearing of the sound; in
orchestral music, individual instruments can be heard distinctly rather than
blending into an amalgam of sound.  Using the surrounds produced a
soundstage width that is more uniform and panoramic."  Irv Bloom, CA (2/07)  

"With the tweeter surrounds affixed to the four speakers (Von Schweikert VR2's),
there was a stronger focus and greatly enhanced realism.  The tone of the
various string instruments was less amorphous and had more depth."  John
Sunier, Editor/publisher,
Audiophile Audition (see full review published 6/18)

"Mids and highs are significantly sweeter and clearer.  Tonal shadings and
nuance more evident.  I'm hearing a more musical presentation and this to me is
more impressive than the improvements in imaging clarity."  Adamay (11/05)  

"These elegant and inexpensive felt devices will make an improvement all out of  
proportion to their low cost."  Robert E. Greene, technical editor,
The Absolute
Sound Golden Ear Award '08

"I live in the high desert.  The stars out here
are much more in evidence at night than back
east.  This is analogous to what I am hearing
from my system since adding your surrounds
to my Opera Diva's.  A deeper background
with clearer information and it's beguiling."  
Bruno Salisi, NM  (8/02)


                            music by Tord Gustavsen Trio, Being There, ECM